Dimi Wilson takes care of the Houseology 101 guest mix this coming Monday

The Lamia, Greece based DJ/Producer Dimi Wilson undoubtedly has a very distinct sound which cuts through much of the deep house genre and has made his tracks a firm favourite of Funk Butcher. Dimi is no stranger to the world of Deep House appearing as part of the duo “John Diloo & Dimi Wilson”. In more recent times however, he operates alone producing a style of house more aligned to the recent rise of the sub genre G-House or Gangsta House a term coined by French DJ/Producers Amine Edge and Dance.

Not to pigeon-hole Dimi, but it is plain to see from his production that his knowledge of hip-hop is not surface level, similarly to Dexter Kane (who also appeared on Houseology 101 in July of this year) who also flirts with the usage of golden era hip-hop in his House music productions.

A strong release on Alex Arnout’s Dogmatik label has helped propel Dimi into some form of limelight. But there is much more still to come from the talent.

Catch the Dimi Wilson guest mix Monday 9th September between 1PM-4PM GMT on Rinse FM


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