Bas Amro enters the Houseology101 guest mix Hall of Fame this coming Monday on Rinse FM

Bas Amro has been around for quite a while now and fresh back from his mini tour of South Africa he will be providing the sounds for the Houseology 101 guest mix this coming Monday. It was his huge groove centric “Soundkilla” of 2011, released on Jamie Odell aka Jimpster’s Freerange label which put his name on the lips of many DJs and lovers of House. He was part of a growing trend of producer too young to remember the raves of the 90s era but somehow more then able to recreate and articulate the sound as good as the masters of that time.

Most recent releases on Tenor Recordings show Bas has in no way compromised his sound and attention to groove since 2011’s defining release. The recent tour of South Africa if anything shows the growing popularity of the young dj/producer’s sound.

Catch the Bas Amro guest mix Monday 14th October between 1PM-4PM GMT on Rinse FM


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