Roots For Bloom label head Jamie Trench readies himself for a guest mix on Rinse FM this Monday!

It’s all too apparent that the sampling in House music is now a prevalent trend in todays more popular strand of the underground variety. Producers seeking to recreate an organic feel in their productions, have in many cases ditched the “clean” textures found in digital production, instead opting to use more analogue based equipment for those “dusty” sonics. One such individual making House music which sounds like this is Jamie Trench. Jamie is another producer with ties to Manchester,UK based imprint Music Is Love Records and who also runs his own vinyl label Roots For Bloom. The later label prides itself on tracks which incorporate Jazz and

Funk breaks, again giving the overall feel of the music a retro vibe. Jamie delivers a mix representative of the flavours of both labels on Monday’s show for Funk Butcher.

Catch the Jamie Trench guest mix Monday 28th October between 1PM-4PM GMT on Rinse FM


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